Thurn & Taxis Online
Season 5 is On!

Season 5 Standings

As games end the standings are updated. See how each Group is doing and check on your friends and rivals.

Lifetime standings can be seen HERE.

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Tournament Results

Thurn & Taxis Online Tournament
Season 5 Report Results

Only the winner of each game should record the results. Use the form below. Be sure to add the seat number of the player who triggered the game end.

If you have problems using the form on this page CLICK HERE TO SEE JUST THE FORM.

Game Assignments

Season 5 Matches

Our Thurn & Taxis tournaments use the online implementation at We use the original version of the game – no expansion content, and no special options.

Players are sorted into leagues of 7 players based on previous results.  In a season, each player plays in 4 games. Each other member of your league will be in 2 games against you. See scoring rules below.

Divisions are based on previous Season results. New players enter at the bottom level for their first season.

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Get Notified About
Future Thurn & Taxis Seasons

Sesason 5 has already started, but you can give us your info and we'll notify you for the next one.

You’ll receive a notice in your email once signups open for the next season. If you do sign up, you are committing to checking the website a couple of times on most days (it’s OK if something comes up every once in a while, or if you’re out of town for a weekend (for example), but in general we’re hoping game lengths will be measured in weeks not months.

Fill out this form to get notified about the next season:

Notification Form

Season 4 Results

All games should be finished for Season 4. Any further results should be emailed to the on-line game coordinator.

If the frame below is hard to read on your device follow the link:

Season 4 Results

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