Thurn & Taxis Online Tournament Standings & Results

With Season 1 of Thurn & Taxis done, the Meeple League is proud to present the results. This page will be updated each season so you can track how you and your friends are doing in League play online. Season 2 is currently signing up HERE.

You can search the tables for your name or online name and your friends and opponents. You can sort the table by any column. Simply click on the column title.

Table of standings after Season 1

NAMEUsernameDiv 1 pointsDiv 2 pointsDiv 3 pointsGame winsLeague winsLeague 1-A WinsMost recent DivMost recent finish
Sceadeau d'TelaSceadeau322111-A1
Alex BoveMontu2621-A2
Kyle SmithEmanon2311-A3
Rob MurrayZenvedev2011-A4
Rob Kircherrkircher181-A5
Randy Buehlerrbuehler1511-A6
Andy Lattoandylatto61-A7
Steven LeWinterslewinter31312-B1
Hilary Smithhilaryd102922-B2
Gilbert Quinonezligtreb25112-A1
Haim Hoichboimhaimke2422-A2
Volker Kleinschmidtvolkerk2222-A3
Cary MorrisDagKees2212-A4
Devan Maggidevan20.512-B3
Dominic ReberezDefdamesdompi2012-A5
Marcy MorelliMarcy1812-B4
Mats WikstromZegol162-A6
Nick PageZiggyny14.52-B5
Hermann Reschasamat142-B6
Matt Killianmagakill132-B7
Bjorn JansonDermerlin112-A7
Andrew MenardDragonWargamer36313-A1
Richard M. Shaylabratz32213-B1
Chris Wildeswildes2923-B2
Norman HuebnerNormanH2623-A2
John Corradojmc0032423-B3
John Fordbyrdalumnus2313-A3
Greg Crowegregcrowe2013-A4
Lexi Sheasccrymsc58131713-B4
Erik Lankselanks163-B5
Andrew Drummondardrummo163-A5
Christian EschNebresh153-A6
David LutesGelatinousGoo143-B6
Dave Blizzarddavebliz83-B7
Max Jamellilefty43-A7