Agricola Online Season 1

by Randy Buehler, Meeple League Director of Online Events

This page allows you to follow Season 1 of the Agricola online league. Everyone starts at zero points, of course. As results come in the standings will be updated, with players scoring 10 points for winning a game, 6 points for second, 3 points for third, and 1 point for fourth.

The first season has 11 total leagues spread across 4 divisions. Each league has 7 players and each player will be in 4 games, facing each opponent in 2 of them. (The full schedule of games is available HERE.)

Players should use THIS FORM to report results whenever a game ends. (Standings will update quickly, but not instantly. For now sharing points from ties is still being done by hand.)

Once this season is over, league winners will be promoted to the next division up the ladder while 6th and 7th place finishers will drop to the next division down the ladder. (Full rules can be seen HERE.) New players are also welcome to join when the next season starts - if you aren't already in the league but would like to be notified when the next one starts taking sign-ups, please click here: Online Agricola event announcement.


Here are the results so far for season 1:

Agricola Season 1 Reported to Date

Tie adjustments are made manually. Points are split among tied positions (ie, 1st and 2nd split 10 + 6 points for 8 each)


Feel free to email the GM (online_league at meepleleague dot com) with any questions you might have.

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